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UCS Stakeholder Survey 2015

Overview: In an effort to gain insightful feedback from stakeholders in the community who work or interact with our agency on a regular basis, we facilitated a survey with 9 questions on a graded scale and one user-based response question. The survey was conducted through Survey Monkey, an online based survey provider system.
We emailed 291 total contacts, of which 132 opened the survey, 155 left the survey unopened, 52 “clicked through”, and 3 opted out. 37 contacts completed the survey resulting in a 12.71% response rate.


Analysis: In each category tested for the organization there was a significantly strong response rate to identify UCS as providing quality customer service, responding in a timely manner to needs, providing a high quality of services, and that UCS staff were strongly ranked as professional.
Overall quality of services and professionalism were ranked as particularly strong characteristics of the organization. Both response time and customer service earned very positive reviews, but each did also earn 3 to 4 negative response answers (very low or low quality & not timely, respectively). This identifies an area of awareness for UCS moving forward.
In summary, the positive results of the stakeholder survey, affirmed by community partners, that UCS is working toward its mission statement: “Building a stronger community by empowering individuals and families to live healthy and meaningful lives.”


Question Breakdown: The survey questions focused on specific areas of interest to the organization: quality of programming, customer service, response time, overall quality of service, and staff professionalism.


Quality of programming: 36 contacts responded to this question: 25 (69.44%) rated UCS quality as “very high quality” or “high quality.” 6 respondents gave a neutral response of “neither high nor low quality” (16.67%), and 2 respondents rated “low quality” as their response (5.56%). 3 offered no response.

Customer service: 37 contacts responded to this question: 22 (59.46%) rated customer service as “very high quality” or “high quality,” 7 respondents (18.92%) gave a neutral response, 3 selected “very low or low quality” (8.11%). 5 gave no response.

Response time: There were 35 respondents to this question: 16 (42.86%) rated UCS response time as “timely or very timely,” 10 (28.57%) selected “somewhat timely,” 4 (11.43%) of respondents selected “not timely,” and 6 offered no response.

Overall quality of services: 33 respondents answered this question: 22 (66.66%) provided a response of “very high or high quality,” 9 (27.27%) offered a neutral response of “neither high nor low quality,” and 2 (6.06%) offered “low quality” as a response. “Very low quality” was not selected by any respondent.

Professionalism: This question received 36 responses: 21 (58.33%) answered “very professional,” 9 (25%) responded “somewhat professional,” 5 (13.89%) offered a “neutral” response, and 1 (2.78%) offered “unprofessional” as their response. No respondents selected “very unprofessional,” as an option.


2015 UCS Stakeholder Survey by UCSVT

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