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Staff Spotlight: Rachel Olmstead-Miri

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Brattleboro, VT, native Rachel Olmstead-Miri, RN BSN, supports staff and clients every day in her role as Nurse Consultant at United Counseling Service (UCS). She serves clients engaged in services across the entire agency, from Outpatient Mental Health to Developmental Services, and manages Employee Health responsibilities, including covid tracking and giving limited medical advice to staff who visit her office. Every day is different, and her daily routine depends on what the agency and clients need at any given time.

“My routine changes day to day,” says Rachel. “I have a weekly injection clinic and I spend time at each group home every week. My routine is dependent on what the divisions and clients need.” Rachel also makes regular trips to UCS’ Northshire location to support clients in the Manchester, VT, region.

Rachel’s career in nursing and her path to UCS started in Bennington. After living in a few different states, including New York and South Carolina, she returned to Vermont and started to pursue a nursing track. She achieved her Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) certification in 2016 and then her Registered Nurse (RN) certification in 2017, both from Vermont Tech in Bennington. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Chamberlain University this year. Two years into her time at UCS, she loves what she does and feels confident in her role. “I enjoy the autonomy of my job, the freedom to be able to practice nursing in the way that is best practice, and in the way that I want, the ability to contribute to positive changes and feel like my opinion on things matters,” says Rachel.

She enjoys working with patients at UCS on a daily basis. Throughout her career, individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia have been her favorite population to serve. Rachel looks at each patient as an opportunity to help and solve problems that might intimidate others. She values building genuinely patient and trusting relationships with patients and to make sure they feel heard. “I try to understand a person and adjust my approach and care plan specific to them.

Now that she has her BSN, she is already looking into getting additional certifications for her own professional development and to expand offerings for clients at UCS. These certifications include wound care and occupational health—an expanded occupational health focus being a goal of hers for UCS’ employee health program.

Rachel has plenty to keep her busy outside of her working at UCS. “I crochet—a lot. Until my hands cramp,” she says. She is also an avid swimmer and recently got back into swimming laps and doing aqua aerobics—she was a state champion swimmer in high school. At home, Rachel takes care of her four cats and keeps chickens that she got from her dad. She wants to keep goats too, but that’s a plan for the future.  

One thing remains a constant in Rachel’s daily life and that is keeping busy with meaningful experiences. Whether helping a client find some stability in their life, taking her education to a new level, or caring for her animals, it’s the quality of the experience that matters.

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