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How are we able to serve our community?

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Jill Doyle, Director of Finance

Six decades later and United Counseling Service (UCS) continues to make an impact. We rely on a variety of funding sources to run our many community-based mental health, developmental, and substance use programs across Bennington County.

As a Designated Agency (DA), which means the state of Vermont designates UCS to provide our services in Bennington County, the majority of our clients are insured through Medicaid. Medicaid is funded through the state from various state sources, including the Department of Mental Health (DMH), the Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living (DAIL) and Vermont Division of Substance Use Programs. Income also comes from insurance companies, contracts, grants, and donations. We depend on various federal, state and local partners to support the work we do every day at UCS.

Every year we share our annual report, which includes information about our programs both from a clinical perspective and a budget perspective. Below is our budgeted income for 2022-2023:

Fees and 3rd Party Payments$532,474
Vermont Division of Substance Use Programs$523,284
Vermont Department of Mental Health$1,137,356
Vermont Department of Developmental Services$104,644
Other State Contracts$921,581
Local Revenue$1,403,928
Total Revenue$23,751,348

Let’s take a closer look at what makes up our funding. Below are some of our programs and the funding sources that support them. This is not a complete list but gives you a good indication of the various federal, state and local partners that support UCS. Our administrative and program staff work to piece everything together within the appropriate income source.

Program/ExpenseSource of Revenue
All ServicesMedicaid, Medicare, Private Insurance, Self-Pay, Donations, Event proceeds
Bilingual Mental Health CounselorUniversity of Vermont (UVM) and State Agricultural College
Bridge ProgramState of Vermont, Department of Aging and Developmental Disabilities (DAIL)
Building RepairsState of Vermont, Department of Buildings and General Services
Chair LiftState of Vermont, Department of Mental Health (DMH)
Children’s Integrated ServicesSunrise Family Resource Center
Compass ProgramState of Vermont, Department of Children and Families (DCF)
Contingency Management and OutreachState of Vermont, Department of Health, Division of Substance Use (DSU)
Education and Community OutreachThe Gregory S. Hillman Fund, Vermont Community Foundation (VCF), DSU
Emergency Room ServicesSouthwestern Vermont Medical Center (SVMC)
Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)Local organizations
Group Homes – Consumer RentUS Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Integrated CareOneCare Vermont
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DS)DAIL
Medication Assisted TreatmentState of Vermont, Department of Vermont Health Access
Mental Health Specialist with Vermont State Police and Bennington Police DepartmentState of Vermont, Department of Public Safety
Outpatient Mental HealthDMH
Parking Lot RenovationDMH
Psychiatric Consultation at SVMCSVMC
Psychiatric Urgent Care for Kids (PUCK)DMH, Four Pines Fund of VCF
Public Inebriate BedDSU
Substance Use ServicesDSU
Success Beyond SixDMH, Schools
Vocational RehabilitationDAIL

We continually search for additional funding opportunities to create, expand and sustain programs, and fund building projects. We are currently working on four new programs as this article is written.

As a community behavioral health center, donations allow us to better serve those in need. We hope you will consider supporting us and your neighbors. If you are interested in supporting UCS or learning more about our services, please contact

We thank you and all of our partners and staff who make UCS a great place to work and a great place to get care!

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