Emergency Services

Emergency Services


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What We Do

UCS Emergency Services provides immediate assistance to individuals experiencing a psychiatric or emotional crisis requiring immediate attention. Crisis clinicians and recovery specialists respond 24/7.

UCS Emergency Services also helps arrange more intense levels of care as needed, such as a hospital or short-term crisis bed.

What We Offer

Individuals seeking help in Bennington County should call United Counseling Service at 802-442-5491.

United Counseling Service offers enhanced mobile crisis services as part of a statewide initiative to respond to the increased need for mental health and substance use intervention across the county and state. The program involves a 2-person, in-person response available around the clock, providing people in crisis with a direct line to immediate help.

For more information about enhanced mobile crisis services across Vermont, visit the link: GetHelpVT.org.

UCS provides emergency mental health services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. 

Woman with brown hair looks at her phone. Text says, Just remember this, we provide a 2 person in person mobile team of mental health professionals who can come to you when you need help the most. GetHelpVT.org. Green and blue mobile crisis logo in bottom right.

For immediate help in a youth-related crisis, call Family Emergency Services (FES) (802) 442-1700 or 1 (800) 360-6621. Crisis workers are on call for home visits on weekdays 8am–8pm.

UCS provides emergency mental health service coordination and consultation to police agencies.

UCS provides support services to individuals during the difficult time period after an emergency has occurred.