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Developmental Services

Programs: Developmental Services

The Developmental Services Division of United Counseling Service delivers quality innovative community programs for adults with developmental disabilities throughout Bennington County.  Individuals seeking support can be referred by family, schools, physicians, or other community partners.  Those wishing to come into Developmental Services must be deemed eligible through IQ testing and/or Adaptive Functioning Assessments.  Once found eligible, individuals work with a team of professionals who collaborate to best meet the specific needs of each person we serve.  Supports and services are very individualized based on a person’s needs and hopes and dreams.  We strive to help people with disabilities become as independent as possible while pursuing goals and activities that are the most meaningful to them.  We apply a very person-centered approach so that people with disabilities are happy and productive members of their community.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of the individuals we serve in a caring, empowering, and community-oriented environment.  Person-centered strategies and individualized supports and services will be delivered based on accepted practice, DDAS Guidelines, and current research and evidence-based practice.

Developmental Services Local System of Care Plan 2018-2020

Services Provided:

  • Community and social support:  We partner with several community organizations to provide support to those in need.  Our Developmental Services Division also promotes socialization and community integration through social groups and activities.
  • Child and Family Support:  Our Bridge Program connects children and families to needed resources within the Bennington area community.  Additionally, our Family Services Program works with families who still have their adult children living at home.  We have three Family Services Case Managers who work very closely with families to ensure that individuals’ needs are met.
  • Employment:  Our Employment Program finds meaningful, paid employment for those with disabilities in and around the Bennington area, including Manchester.  Job skills are taught and individual planning sessions occur to help people with disabilities find the job that is a perfect match for what the person wants to do.  Our Job Coaches provide 1:1 support to those who need it at the job sites and oversight for those who can be more independent while working.
  • Residential services including individual, group, and shared living:  Those with disabilities who can live independently are encouraged to do so and supports are provided on an individual basis to help people live alone.  UCS has three group homes located around Bennington which provide 24/7 support and assistance to those who need it.  Our Shared Living Program allows people with disabilities to live in a home with an individual or family who provides care and support 24/7 while allowing people to be fully integrated into their community.
  • Case Management:  We have thirteen case managers who provide complete coordination of all services for each individual we serve.  These managers work very closely with people to ensure that they are being given every opportunity for a full and satisfying life, while coordinating all of the services a person is getting.  Case Managers also work closely with guardians who have been assigned to make important decisions for those with disabilities.

If you or someone you know would like more information or to apply for services, contact the DS Intake Coordinator, Bonnie Jamieson at 802.445.7318.

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Programs: Developmental Services








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