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Live Each Day Like It Was the First Day!

Written by Teacher Assistant Dan Zaffrano

Part 2 of 2

Have you noticed how much of this time of year is spent on reflection? We look at all the good and bad that happened the last year, we think about where we want to be in the coming year, and think about all those nasty habits that keep us from that great swimsuit or six pack abs.

We’ve all done it and I am just as guilty as the next. It’s almost become an expectation.

While pondering such reflections and expectations, I looked out my window and observed some children sledding. It was one of the moments where you lose sense of time just watching. Then I noticed that no matter how many times they slid down the hill just to trudge right back to the top, each trip down was filled with the excitement of the first time. It was the same hill each time with the same results, but each ride was its own experience.

It was then I thought maybe we could learn a lesson from children. Each day is filled with new wonders, even when it is just like the day before. Each snowfall is as marvelous as the dozen prior. We often hear the saying to live like each day was your last. While there is some good to this, maybe we should also consider living each day like it was our first.

At the beginning of the year we are so filled with hope and vigor for the upcoming year, but by March we start losing some of it. By autumn we are tired, and come the end of the year we wonder why we had any hope.

What if each day we woke and experienced the day as if for the first time? Look at each snowfall as if it was the first time we ever saw snow. Look at a sunset as if we have never seen such bright colors. And love each person as if they have never given us a reason not to. Live each day like it was the first day.

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