Support Groups

Support Groups

*All groups are subject to change. Please call 802-442-5491 for updated information.

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Improve Together

All groups are open to any Bennington County resident. In-person groups will follow COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Anxiety, Depression & Emotional Wellness Support Groups

(B) Bennington (N) Northshire

All groups are open to any Bennington County resident. In-person groups will follow COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Wednesdays 11am–12pm | Virtual

Clients learn and utilize skills while connecting with peers to manage their anxiety and depression symptoms.

Mondays 1–2pm  | Virtual/Ledge Hill Drive

Supports clients experiencing struggles with both substance use and mental health. Clients learn coping strategies and are provided peer support to assist them.

Mondays 4–5:30pm  | Rhythm Hollow Stables

Adult women with substance use or mental health struggles interact and participate in activities with horses and other equines to promote physical and mental health.

Wednesdays 2:45–3:45pm  | Ledge Hill Drive

Clients experiencing auditory hallucinations can talk openly about their experiences, gain support, and learn skills to increase their control of their own lives. Participants will learn to use meditation and mindfulness to help develop skills to focus their attention on activities at hand and not the intrusive, disruptive thoughts in their heads.

Every 1st Monday 9:05–10:05am | Virtual
Every 3rd Wednesday 3–4pm| Virtual

Clients network amongst peers to share tools that help them to improve, manage, and maintain wellness. The group will emphasize the role of both skills and supports in sustaining wellness.

Thursday 1:30-3pm |  316 Dewey Street 

Clients work with peers to focus on developing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan. A Wellness Recovery Action Plan is a tool used to develop a daily plan to stay on track with your life and wellness goals.

Tuesdays 12:30–1:30PM | 316 Dewey Street

Clients use art to connect with others.

Wednesdays 1–2pm | Ledge Hill Drive

Women learn how to care for themselves as they do others with peers.

Tuesdays 11am-12pm | Rhythm Hollow Stables 

Developmental Services clients connect with horses to promote mental wellness.

Mondays 2-3pm | 316 Dewey Street 

Clients share lived experiences and navigate mental health challenges using creative writing techniques.

Behavioral & Relationship Support Groups

(B) Bennington (N) Northshire

All groups are open to any Bennington County resident. In-person groups will follow COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Tuesdays 12:30–1:30pm | Virtual

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) informed treatment is a cognitive-behavioral approach that emphasizes the role of mindfulness in its approach to treatment. Skill sets are designed to specifically assist individuals in better managing behavioral, emotional and cognitive instability.  

Tuesdays 2–3pm  | 316 Dewey Street

Clients socialize with others to reduce stress from isolation.

Mondays 1:30-3:30pm | Community

Developmental Services clients work with others on an array of different arts and crafts projects.

Mondays 12-2pm | Gamers Grotto

Like playing video games? Want to test your skills at Mario Kart or Pokémon? Then come on down and hang out with Bruce at the Gamer’s Grotto. All clients and interested members of the community are welcome to attend.

Tuesdays 12-1pm | Second Congregational Church

Developmental Services clients participate in a group with other women in various activities to promote community connection.

Fridays 12-1pm | Willow Park/Atwood

Exploring topics that are important to our clients in relation to men’s health and wellness. Last Friday of every month there will be a cookout.

Thursdays 12-1pm | 316 Dewey Street

Clients learn to use art as a relaxation tool.

Substance Use & Recovery Support Groups

(B) Bennington (N) Northshire

All groups are open to any Bennington County resident. In-person groups will follow COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Mondays 10:05-11:05am | 316 Dewey Street

Four-week group for clients referred for counseling as part of their requirements for completion. This will provide additional opportunity for education to prevent DUI recidivism and further assessment.

Mondays 6–7pm | Virtual

Men struggling with substance use challenges learn a number of skills including developing social supports, the ability to learn from others, and the ability to share information and a feeling of togetherness.

Mondays 1–2pm | 316 Dewey Street

Clients prepare and start their journey in recovery. Those who struggle with substance use will have immediate access to recovery-based support and resources. This includes education, peer support, staffing, and community support. Clients remains in this group until an appropriate referral is identified and available.

Tuesdays 12–1pm | 316 Dewey Street

Clients practice and learn strategies and tools to sustain long term recovery.

Tuesdays, Thursday, Fridays 9am-12pm, Ledge Hill Drive and 316 Dewey Street

IOP is designed to help participants maintain and achieve sobriety and improve everyday functioning. The treatment includes evidence-based protocols, including the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), Collaborative Network Approach (CNA), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and several other health modalities.

Mondays 11am–12pm 

Clients learn to let go of expectations of how people should behave and learn that everyone needs to accept others for who they are. Specifically, it teaches clients in recovery how to focus on the positives while letting go of the past. Self-Forgiveness can help you develop a strong sense of self-love within. Learning to forgive yourself can help you learn to breathe freely without feelings of guilt or shame. Self-Forgiveness opens a new door in recovery, a door where you are motivated to change yourself for the better.

Thursdays 2–3pm 

Clients who are currently in recovery will learn to identify and explore the Stages of Change model utilized in the recovery process. Clients learn how to identify what stage of change they are in, manage transition to another stage, and develop the ability to understand that each person enters and transitions through the various stages on an individual basis while receiving support in a group setting.

Wednesdays 11am–12pm | 316 Dewey Street

Recovering Through Art helps client express their emotions, improve self-esteem, manage addictions, relieve stress, improve symptoms of anxiety and depression and cope with recovery. Creativity is helpful during recovery because it is an effective tool in the fight against boredom and cravings. Recovering Through Art is designed to complement other recovery services like talk therapy, medications management, and support groups. 

Thursdays 1-2pm | 316 Dewey Street

Clients learn and practice good self-care, communication skills, social skills, emotional regulation, decision-making, time management, and financial management. These are some skills clients will learn throughout recovery. It’s important to value these as they will also dictate the success of your recovery and prevent relapse.

Wednesdays 4-5pm | Northshire

Clients struggling with alcohol-related substance use challenges meet with peers to learn tools on how to achieve and maintain recovery.

Youth & Family Support Groups

(B) Bennington (N) Northshire

All groups are open to any Bennington County resident. In-person groups will follow COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Thursdays at 2:30–4:30pm  | 21 Burgess Road

Teens work together on projects and make a difference in the community. Enjoy a safe space to discuss your issues and concerns and receive support from your peers.

Tuesdays 4–5pm  | Rhythm Hollow Stables

Teens interact with horses through a variety of activities that promote physical and mental wellness.

Monday – Thursday 2:30-5:30pm | 21 Burgess Road

Clients take part in after school care, while working on a variety of different goals like peer relationships, health, and social skills.

Tuesday -Thursday 9:30-2:30pm | 314 Dewey Street

Clients will develop mindfulness skills, emotional regulation skills, distress tolerance, and effective communication skills. 

Tuesdays 3-4pm | Martha Canfield Library, Arlington, VT

Elementary school students in Arlington learn various life skills such as interpersonal, community, health, and social interactions.

Thursdays 3-4pm | Northshire

Elementary school students learn skills such as interpersonal, social interaction, health, and community.