Children, Youth and Family Services

Children, Youth and Family Services




United Counseling Service provides a system of care for children, youth and families to build positive family dynamics, personal self-esteem, and vital social skills. We provide an extensive array of home and community based services to children and adolescents. Children, Youth and Family Services (CYFS, previously Youth and Family Services) offers support and safe community environments that promote growth, development, physical and mental health and foster positive relationships.

Services Provided

Crisis and Emergency Services

UCS provides emergency services to any child, youth, school, family, or caregiver in Bennington County who needs help to deal with a youth-related mental health crisis. For a youth related crisis call (802) 442-1700 or 1-800-360-6621.


Family Emergency Services (FES)

FES provides emergency services to any child, youth, school, family, or caregiver in Bennington Counter with a youth-related crisis. FES serves children and youth up to age 18.


Psychiatric Urgent Care for Kids (PUCK)

PUCK provides a safe alternative to the Emergency Department (ED) for youth experiencing a mental health crisis. The program provides outreach by crisis clinicians to support youth with appropriate mental health and care coordination services.


Children’s Integrated Services (CIS)

CIS supports early childhood mental health to children under the age of six. CIS provides consultation, education and treatment services with family and community-based groups to support the social, emotional, and behavioral health and development of young children and their families. CIS also provides consultation and education to childcare providers.


Community Based Services

Community Based services are designed to support children in their home and community.

Family Outreach Services

Clinicians provide counseling and case management to families who have not been able to work in an outpatient model. Services may be provided in the office, home, school, or another appropriate community setting.

Therapeutic Case Management

This program is open to at risk youth between the ages of 0 to 18 and provides community trauma informed case management for youth at risk and their families.

Community Supports

Community Supports serves children and their families when a child is experiencing an emotional, behavioral or has a developmental disability. Group Community supports are also available.

Respite program

The Respite Program provides a break for families in need of support.

Burgess Road Therapeutic After School Program

This program offers a highly structured 6-to-8-week series, designed to aid children in a wide variety of skills.


Intensive Home and Community Based Services

IHCBS serves children, youth and families who require an intensive level of mental health treatment that provides a variety services to support and keep kids in their own community.


School Based Services

Services are contracted through local schools throughout Bennington County. The program provides emotional and behavioral support and also works with families. Services provided are individualized, strength based, and child and family centered. Services include:

School Based Clinician

School based clinicians supports student participation in regular classroom learning by providing emotional and behavioral support in coordination with school personnel.

Behavior Interventionist Services

Behavior Interventionists prove one on one mental health support to a student in need of behavior management to enable a child to attend classes and access their learning.


Transitional Age Youth Programs

The Transitional Age Youth Programs support at risk young adults aged 14 through 21.

Youth in Transition (YIT)

The program works with youth to successfully transition into adulthood. YIT offers case management to youth ages 16-21 who are dealing with mental health issues.

Jump on Board for Success (JOBS)

JOBS is an innovative case management program serving young adults ages 16-21 who are at risk. The program works to develop positive work ethics, help with career exploration and more. JOBS also works with community partners to maintain a supportive work environment with community and youth.

Prevention and Stabilization for Youth and Families (PSSYF)

PSSYF serves at risk youth between the ages of 12 and 23. The program provides support for youth and families in developing well-being, education and employment, permanent connections, and stable living environments.

Teens 4 Change (T4C)

T4C is a peer lead group that helps youth interact with peers and build community connections while learning social-emotional and leadership skills.


Summer Programs

Summer Programs were developed to provide children a summer camp experience that may not always be available to children due to cognitive, physical, and behavioral challenges.

Camp Be A Kid

Camp Be A Kid is a therapeutic summer camp experience designed for children with a mental health diagnosis. The camp runs in July and August.

The Adventure Program

This is a summer activity group for teens. The teens go on field trips and participate in a wide range of activities that are of interest to the group, to provide teens with positive, healthy, supervised, safe experiences.

→Northshire Summer Activities Program

The program offers clients in the Manchester area an opportunity to work on skill building with several activities in the community, including visits to Emerald Lake, biking, horseback riding at Kimberly Farms, and more.


Curriculum Based Programs

These programs are designed to provide an educational experience to families and adolescents.

Resource Parent Curriculum (RPC)

RPC is 25-hour curricula designed to reach trauma informed skills to nonbiological caregivers of children.

Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP)

PREP is a 10-week curriculum designed for adolescents ages 10-19. The course teaches skills around healthy relationships and making educated choices.


Mentoring at UCS

Mentoring at UCS helps children reach their full potential through a mentor supported, one to one relationship. You do not need to be a client to participate in the Mentoring Program.


To learn more about any of our services call (802) 442-5491.

“There’s a lot of kids in need of good role models here…people don’t realize it’s not that much time – an hour per week and it means so much to the kids.”
Kasia Sosnow, Mentor

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