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Mentoring at UCS

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Mentoring takes only a little bit of time weekly or monthly but adds up to a very significant life experience for both the mentor and mentee. The program provides an opportunity for participants to have a supported one-to-one relationship where children develop self-confidence and assurance, and adults can improve their interpersonal skills.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is a compassionate, caring adult who makes the choice to devote some of their time to a young person. A mentor is invested in the success of a mentee by offering support, guidance, and encouragement. With a one hour a week commitment you can transform a life by helping a child establish goals, build a solid foundation of values, improve academic and life skills, all while developing their self-esteem and confidence.

A lunchtime mentor is a compassionate, caring adult who meets for lunch on a weekly basis with their mentee at the child’s school.

Some mentors may not have the availability to accommodate a lunch time mentee meeting time due to full time day jobs. A community match provides the flexibility to meet on weekends or evenings and extend to activity options within the community.

Mentoring at UCS provides training prior to being matched with a mentee with additional trainings throughout the year. A designated Program Coordinator is in contact with both mentors and mentees and their families, providing support and guidance.

Once a month an optional free group activity is planned for our mentors and mentees. This allows for time spent together with a larger group. Activities include ice skating, attending plays, hiking, swimming, bowling and more.

Mentorship Impact

Research demonstrates that children who have a mentor are


less likely to use illegal drugs


less likely to begin using alcohol


more likely to receive higher grades

Mentoring has given me connection to community in ways I did not anticipate or imagine.


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