Event Details

Early childhood experiences are an important health issue. Prolonged exposure to trauma creates an environment of toxic stress that can change the architecture of the brain due to the physiological response stress produces. United Counseling Service is promoting an initiative with ACE Interface, a company that provides education, analysis, and facilitation to help engage and motivate everyone around preventing Adverse Childhood Experience and improved well-being.

The presentation will focus on sharing the science behind ACE’s and why it matters.  Explanations of the impact of our own childhood stress on brain development, the multiple forms of our childhood stress and its impact on anyone who encounters childhood stress, as well as resiliency and how to shift the dynamics within our family, community, and society will be presented.

Protective systems will be presented in a manner that will help to improve health and wellbeing across the lifespan. Participants will walk away with new ways of thinking, compassions, hope and a motivation to act.

To reserve a spot or learn more about ACE’s contact Katie Aiken at kaiken@ucsvt.org or call (802) 442-5491.