Programs & Services

UCS staff with two Bennington Police Officers at a community event

Outpatient Mental Health

  • Child, adult, family, and couples counseling 
  • Psychotherapy groups 
  • Mental health and developmental disabilities 
  • Evaluation and psychological testing 
  • Equine Assisted Therapy 
  • Community education and consultation services 

Business Programs

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 
  • Management consultation 
  • Community partnerships 
  • Trainings/Webinars

Psychiatric and Crisis Services

  • Psychiatric evaluation 
  • Medication management 
  • Liaison to intensive hospital care 
  • 24-hour emergency service 
  • Battelle House crisis stabilization center 
  • Mobile crisis services
2273 Emergency Services Provided

Developmental Services

  • Residential services including group homes and shared living  
  • Community support services  
  • College Steps Program  
  • Case Management services  
  • Family support services  
  • Employment services  
  • Crisis services  
  • The Gathering Place at Camp Ondawa
300 clients served.
UCS staff serving food at a community event hosted by Developmental Services at Willow Park in Bennington.

Substance Use Programs

  • Alcohol and drug abuse counseling and education 
  • Substance abuse receiving center  
  • Assessment for and facilitation of detox or residential services  
  • Intensive Outpatient Program   
  • Consultation to agencies and schools  
  • Community outreach 
334 Individuals Served
Man poses in front of an outdoor painted wall.

Community Rehabilitation and Treatment (CRT)

  • Residential program 
  • Community support services 
  • Supported employment program 
  • Individual counseling 
  • Group counseling 
  • Programs for those with dual diagnoses

Children, Youth, and Family Services (CYFS)

  • Family Emergency Services (FES) 
  • Family outreach services 
  • Individual and group therapy 
  • Therapeutic case management 
  • Respite services 
  • School-based services 
  • Jump on Board for Success (JOBS) program 
  • Transitional Living Program 
  • Teens for Change Youth Group 
  • Camp Be A Kid 
  • Mentoring at UCS 
  • Psychiatric Urgent Care for Kids (PUCK)
748 Youth and families served.

Early Childhood Services (ECS)

  • Bennington County Head Start 
  • Bennington County Early Head Start 
  • Parenting and family education 
  • Family outreach
165 families served.



Annual Report