Leadership & Financials

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the operations of the community mental health and developmental services for Bennington County. 

  • Robert Thompson, President 
  • Charles Letourneau, Vice President 
  • Nathaniel Marcoux, Treasurer 
  • William Baldwin, Secretary 
  • Joseph O’Dea, Counsel to the Board 
  • David Ballou 
  • Kristi Cross 
  • Joanna Mintzer 
  • Stephanie Mulligan 
  • Lee Romano 

Senior Leadership

The Senior Leadership team is a group of talented individuals who are dedicated to community improvement and passionate about the work they do. 

  • Lorna Mattern, Executive Director 
  • Leslie Addison, Director of Human Resources 
  • Dawn Danner, Director of Developmental Services 
  • Jill Doyle, Director of Finance 
  • Amy Fela, Director of Operations 
  • Jason Fleming, Director of Children, Youth, and Family Services 
  • Heidi French, Director of Community Relations and Development 
  • Julie Pagliccia, Director of Northshire Services 
  • Betsy Rathbun-Gunn, Director of Early Childhood Services 
  • Alya Reeve, MD, Medical Director 
  • Lori Vadakin, Director of Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Use Services 

Individuals Served by Program

Psychiatric and Crisis Services: 1050. Children, Youth and Family Services: 748. Substance Use Disorders: 334. Developmental Services: 300. Community Rehabilitation and Treatment: 181. Outpatient Mental Health: 1150.

Use of Funds by Program

Developmental Services: 40%. Community Programs: 32%. Children: 10%. Rehabilitation and Treatment for Mentally Ill: 8%. Adults: 5%. Emergency: 3%. Substance Abuse: 2%.

Budgeted Expenses for Fiscal 2020-21



Fringe Benefits 


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Total Expenses 


Budgeted Income for Fiscal 2020-21



Fees & 3rd Party Payments 


Vt. Alcohol & Drug Abuse Division 


Vt. Dept. of Mental Health 


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Other State Contracts 


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